Minimally Invasive Kidney Cryoablation

What is it?

Minimally invasive kidney cryoablation is a technique using small incisions. Slender tools, inserted into the incisions, are used to perform the surgery. The surgeon operates while viewing a monitor. The kidney tumors are treated with cryoablation by placing one or more fine needles into the tumor which are cooled to below -40˚C, which results in the death of the tumor.

How is cryotherapy done?

The procedure can be carried out through a traditional open incision, or more commonly by choosing a minimally invasive method that is performed either under laparoscopic or live CT guidance.

Laparoscopic cryoablation of kidney tumors typically involves 3-4 small incisions in the abdomen to isolate the kidney tumor. Nearby organs such as the colon, liver or spleen as well as large blood vessels are moved away from the tumor to allow for the freezing process to occur.

Needles are passed through the skin and are precisely positioned into the tumor to ensure that the entire tumor is thoroughly frozen. The procedure is guided and monitored by live ultrasound.

In CT-guided cryoablation, the surgeon operates while viewing live 3-D image taken by CT scan. In the CT-guided procedure, ultrathin needles are inserted into the tumor and monitored ensuring that the entire tumor is frozen.

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