For patients and employers who want to pay directly for their urologic care.

At Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma, we believe in price transparency.

Your healthcare bills shouldn’t have any surprises. And you can better plan for your healthcare expenses if you know what you’re going to pay before your appointment. With our self-pay pricing, you pay for a package up front – with no hidden costs unless additional unforeseen procedures are done.

FAQs About Standard Physician Practice Pricing

How does insurance factor into the standard hospital charges?

Patients with insurance coverage should contact their health benefits administrator for the most accurate information regarding plan structure, deductibles, co-payments and any other factors that might affect personal liability for anticipated healthcare services.

Physicians or other practitioners who provide professional services may not participate in an individual patient's health benefit plan. Patients should contact their plan administrator to determine the contract status of hospital-based providers such as pathologists, radiologists or anesthesiologists.

What does this charge include?

The estimates provided by Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma cover physician charges only. They do not include Inpatient or Outpatient Hospital services or those provided by a radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist, nurse practitioner or other independent practitioners.

Transparency in Health Care Prices Act - State of Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma requires the following:

  1. Each provider (physician and facility) is to publish "health care prices" for the top 20 Current Procedural Terminologies (CPTs) in plain English and update the list annually.
  2. Each facility is to publish "health care prices" for the top 20 Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs) and top 20 CPTs by specialty and update the list annually.

"Health care price" is defined as the cash price that a provider or facility will charge a recipient for services. It does not include any amount that may be charged for complications or exceptional treatment. 

View Urologic Specialists’ required listings for the state of Oklahoma


Should you have questions on either of the above pricing options, please text or call us at 918-749-8765.

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